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Getting reviews should be the #1 priority of any local business. With my FREE guide, you can learn how to get a massive number of reviews.
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Most people ask for reviews at the wrong time. Find out my sure fire way to get people to review your business right away.
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The most effective follow-up strategies when it comes to getting people to actually take the time to sit down and write a review for your business.
Do You Need Stronger Marketing?
Hi, my name is Dr. Canfield and I recently sold my chiropractic practice for $1.2 million in July of 2017. I started in January of 2012 and grew my practice with my wife to over a million dollars in a few short years.  
During the first year, I struggled with discount exams, screening every weekend and after ONLY a year, I was burned out. Then I started using online marketing strategies and built my online reputation to the point where by the end of my last year, I was seeing an average of 60+ new patients with ONLY online marketing and referrals.
My goal now is to help others replicate and reproduce those same strategies in their offices. 

I started Stronger Marketing because I couldn't find a comprehensive program when I was trying to market my chiropractic practice. I spent over $100k on products, training and OTHER marketing firms with little to no results. 

What I found is that there was no one that was a one-stop shop for consulting and digital marketing services that actually knew what they were doing. 

The game was evolving, but the old marketing companies are still stuck in their ways. If you want to schedule a FREE 15 minute strategy with me to see exactly where you're at and discuss where you need to go, hit the link below.

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